I began experimenting with a tiny bit of prayer

  • Runescape is absolutely unbelievable. Games can appear useless to people outside of their community but Runescape has had a lot of enthusiasm and love within and without Jagex. Ups and downs have RuneScape gold. I logged into Runescape3 the other day and it makes me unhappy to see how small the playerbase is becoming. I love OSRS and play it a lot, but Runescape3 is still such a fantastic game it is simply not gripping for a lot of older players.I regret I wasn't online for your fally massacre re-enactment, I did not begin playing until a few months following the original event occurred in 2006. Nonetheless Runescape provided me a nostalgia trip since I recall kingduffy and the GE. I recall being in the GE during everyone and bowl 42 flipped out when Plaxico caught the game winning pass for the Giants. Miss the old days as a kid because that instant when everybody flipped **** was magic:')?

    Runescape was undoubtedly the best game that ever came to my life, I was dumb around 14 years old(5 years ago) and botted and got perm banned, today I only have a chromebook,maybe not a cellphone to play it(yes I know there's a way to play on a chromebook however I keep failing as im not really good at technology and have no method to recheck the tutorial after I begin the procedure ). None the less from talking to a buddy all night on the home phone when I was a kid too maintaining my mind occupied and stress free during 32 days at the hospital out of my appendix rupturing I could say Runescape could of very well helped saved my life. Thank you a lot of Jagex!

    I started a month or two before the wilderness came. *** it has been so long) in wildy, however, I hate risking so much expensive stuff, so I started making pures.

    And I began experimenting with a tiny bit of prayer and defense for metal armor, and I ruined the character, couldn't hang pures of an identical battle level that'd no prayer and 1 def. I was sad when rs2 came outside, classic was the summit for me though rs2 was playable, there was some charm which classic had. The Pk'ing got more difficult and I didn't feel like the match had the controllers for that kind of fast play style, it's a point and click game.

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    This takes me back man. I began a couple of months when a friend mentioned it to me after RS2 dropped. It was a game them back. If you wanted to purchase something special you needed to go to specific banks around the map only to even be talking to the ideal audience otherwise you had to hold up around the west Varrock bank and hope your message would be viewed within the hundred or so folks there. You also just had to know the prices of things there wasn't an active in game database with prices and since the GE did not exist. It is difficult to imagine having to play with the sport with no GE.