So dont sit there and let me didnt do anything

  • New runescape players are never likely to play runescape and mobile is not likely to bring them in.Want proof? Check out OSRS. Their population is already back to runescape gold 2007 pre-mobile amounts and they had the benefit of a simpler game/interface, higher presence on video/social networking, and already being a favorite game.RS3 is bloated, complicated, and perplexing (in addition to having a terrible interface). I concur that Jagex's content pipeline is ****** and not well suited to fresh runescape players. However, a mobile variant of the existing game (which doesn't attract new runescape gamers ) is not going to magically change things.

    Osrs isn't back to older amounts *****. What are you about? That's factually untrue. Your perspective on this is indeed out of touch. You cant even follow your logic to its own conclusions. They ARE reworking the new runescape participant experience. Theyve been doing so. Its folks whining about wanting fresh endgame content that is slowing down that. Instead of people want 120s. And not most people either, just the ******** that need because catering to them to be written off making and isn't currently functioning runescape annoying for everyone else. 120s right is just plain idiotic.

    If you are saying we cant get fresh runescape players, its only impossible, cellular wont change anything (although we have proof it will ) then we ought to only throw up are palms and be done with it since runescape is going to fail with them. Period. Itll be the end in a handful of years if less if this trend continue. That is a fact. We lost half the runescape participant base to get rs3 in under two years. It is in the condition. While osrs, due to mobile, currently close to if not at peak runescape numbers. When cellular came out they had more runescape players online for weeks on end then runescape ever had consistently in its history.

    So dont sit there and let me didnt do anything. The only thing you are proposing is to throw up your hands and give up. Anything short of having fresh runescape players and receiving runescape players to come back, will get runescape killed.That's a single day average, random times you chose. At a time. It still jumps up to those high peak amounts. If people compare runescape player counts, they compare from peak times. Osrs was slowing significantly and then it has been steady each since and exploded.

    Osrs numbers have been extremely healthy. Saying phone has nothing to where can i buy runescape gold do with that is absurd. We get those peak times that we were. Not. Getting. Before. Mobile. They had a great deal of new accounts created. Rs runescape players have always come and gone. Today we have a great deal of new runescape players for older school we jump on here and there and have memberships. We have these huge peaks like we do today. Osrs is better off because of mobile and that's only a fact.