Zeah was a large blank canvas using one cohesive design eyesigh

  • Zeah was a large blank canvas using one cohesive design eyesight (or it ought to have been) so should not have needed to feel limited when it comes on how content was executed by carefully off boxing things. And that's what happened. On top of the worldbuilding was non-existent and RS gold no effort was made to ensure the game world functioned from an MMO standpoint.There was additionally this ancient impression given in the OSRS group of them needing Zeah to be this huge visually striking place that provided them with a big figure to boast about;"a massive 50% landmass growth!!! Wow!!!", but fundamentally failed to fill it with content. That was especially true - Zeah was as wide as a sea with about as much depth. And quite literally also, considering there was not a degree in the whole continent.

    And as for the content that has been there that did not exactly elicit pleasure or enthusiasm. With content focussing on the parts of the game. Another misguided look at what was traditionally RuneScapey by incorporating pointlessly grindy things through the favour system (believing that the grind itself was all players enjoyed about grinding), subsequently giving the player no feeling of satisfaction for really"finishing" a grind, because you'd only automatically lose the 20 percent of everything you had gained access to in case you wanted to try any of the other 80% of articles there. With the favour system improvements, I wouldn't call the favour gameplay that riveting, from pushing ploughs, finding publications, grinding salt. Sure they're all easy RuneScapey actions, but tradition for tradition's sake does not always produce the best outcomes or in this case, the fun gameplay.

    Ultimately, at one point in time I'd have bemoaned Zeah as the addition in the game's history - these days however, I actually think that it's been a positive. It was shown to be a huge learning experience for what worked & what did not. It revealed the teams openness to listen & change things where essential (albeit a slow & drawn out procedure ). And that I think everything else that followed it improved. Landmass, every new place etc, managed to find out from Zeah's mistakes. If people like Mod West can continue his excellent work already done using the Hosidius rework & use it to the past couple of homes - then with a bit of extra content sprinkled in here & there (flavour quests, points of interest, etc), then Zeah's lasting legacy inside the match could genuinely become a really good one.

    I feel genuinely optimistic having people such as Mod West and Mod Husky about the team doing what they do. The rework felt like we got a chunk of fresh new material, using all the flavour forthos dungeon brought to the table. I'm so excited for the forthcoming Shayzien rework and the potential reworks of their other homes, should they manage to pull off everything they did with how to make money on runescape old school Hosidius. It can't be understated; they are not just polishing pieces of Zeah and making it a little more digestible. They are transforming it into things that feels like ACTUAL (and fresh ) content.


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