Precautions For The Purchase Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printin

  •     It is not a simple matter to buy a device suitable for you. At the time of selection, we must know all the advantages and disadvantages of this device. At the time of selection, we will encounter many of the same products. , So we must stop a comparison and shop around, so that we can choose the one that suits us, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles after buying back.

        Let's take a look at how to choose an open rotary screen printing machine suitable for you? When setting up a screen printing machine, you should understand that the supporting services of the Flat Screen Printer Factory touch the scope of the materials is more complicated. Whether you can finally print a satisfactory product is affected by many factors. Some companies do not know much about this and blindly set up In the end, the supply of materials was not available, which constituted a passive situation.

        Therefore, it is better to purchase materials for the equipment and to provide manufacturers with complete equipment and services, and there will be no mutual blame between the material supplier and the equipment supplier, so that the problem can be handled smoothly. Before choosing a screen printing machine, it is necessary to understand the brand and function of the equipment. It is the same as buying TVs, refrigerators, and other household electrical appliances. Installing a screen printing machine is also about brand. The brand not only represents the corporate image, but also a symbol of production quality and endorsement of service.

        A good product must have a good brand and a good reputation and be recognized by the market. The choice of brand means the choice of products and the corresponding market benefits. In the market of screen printing machines, Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine rely on excellent overprinting accuracy and stable machine performance, which are accepted by customers. Relying on excellent performance, they once occupied 65% of domestic open rotary screen printing machines. Market share is a better evaluation of Spreadtrum.