Introduction To The Use Of Hot Air Stenter Products

  •     Hot Air Stenter is a pad printing head made of silicone rubber that transfers and prints the graphics and text on the steel gravure (or photosensitive rubber gravure) onto the substrate. It can be used for printing on flat surfaces or various molded objects, such as glass products, plastic products, Metal products, wall clocks, electronic and optical products, etc. Its main feature is that it can print irregularly shaped high and low appearances. It is difficult or impossible to use other printing methods for these printings, but it can be easily completed by using pad printing, and multi-color exquisite printing can be completed. This is the ideal printing method for the appearance of instruments, equipment and some small commodities.

        Pad printing and screen printing have many similarities. For example, they have a wide range of habit of substrates; there are many kinds of inks, and pad printing inks and screen printing inks can basically be used in common; it can be easily completed by replacing fixtures and printing plates. Printing of the same product, etc. Therefore, in many printing occasions, pad printing and screen printing are as close as a pair of twin sisters, and they play important roles in special printing skills together. Because of this, many printing experts put pad printing into the category of screen printing without subdividing specialized pad printing skills and research institutions. However, the characteristics and application skills of pad printing and screen printing are definitely different. First of all, from the perspective of the ink handling process, pad printing and screen printing are significantly different; the structure of the Flat Screen Printer and the screen printer are also different; the product varieties and screen printing of pad printing skills are also completely different. From an objective point of view, the difference between pad printing and screen printing is far greater than the similarities between them, and the reason why they are habitually tied together is the greater reason that pad printing and screen printing face the same In this market, screen printing is inseparable from pad printing. It is difficult to separate the contrast of pad printing from the screen printing profession, and it is not necessary. However, to deepen the understanding of pad printing technology skills, one cannot just look at it from the perspective of the screen printing profession.