What To Pay Attention To After Using Flat Screen Printing Machi

  • When using the Flat Screen Printing Machine for screen printing, you need to check the quality of the screen printing screen. Now let's briefly introduce how to check the screen printing screen:

        After the screen printing screen is finished, a comprehensive inspection and post-processing are required. The treatment method is mainly carried out from the following aspects.

      \u2460Check the quality of the screen printing screen, including whether the graphics and text are all developed, whether the graphics and text dots, whether the lines have burrs, incompleteness, broken pens, and mesh sealing, etc. If the above conditions are found, various methods should be taken to remedy them in time. If it cannot be remedied, consider re-making the plate to ensure future printing quality.

      \u2461Check the omentum for air bubbles, blisters, and the end of the four sides close to the screen frame is blocked; the bubbles and blisters should be remedied in time. Seal the four sides of the screen to avoid ink leakage during printing.

      \u2462Check whether the plate positioning mark meets the requirements of the printed sheet.

      \u2463Paste the bonding part of the screen and the frame with adhesive tape to improve the bonding firmness of the screen and the frame.

      \u2464Paste the plate mark, paste the plate mark on the unified frame position, and indicate the following items: the name of the print, the color type, the number of colors, the number of screen meshes, the number of lines of the plate, the type of photosensitive material, the date of making the plate, and the person making the plate.

      \u2465Stenter transfers the complete set of finished plates to the printing process.