How To Adjust The Machine By Flat Screen Printing Machine Facto

  •      Flat Screen Printing Machine is also a kind of screen printing machine, and it is also a new type of machine equipment in printing companies today. It is a device for printing text and images. The screen printing machine belongs to the stencil printing machine, which is more symbolic. In the whole process of application, the accuracy of plate adjustment immediately jeopardizes the accuracy of the printed parts of the printing process. So what is the adjustment method for the screen printing machine? The following is by the staff of licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Everyone introduces in detail:

    1. Adjust the flatness between the slide rail, the printing plate and the working platform. If these three layers are not parallel, the screen printer is basically unable to work. Generally, sliding rails or service platforms are used as adjustment standards.

           \u2460 The service platform and the slide rail should be parallel to each other. The ink scraping plate is used for fitness exercise along the slide rail. If the two surfaces are not parallel, the scraper will not easily touch the service platform with a certain working pressure from beginning to end, and even a gap appears. The equipment has also been adjusted before the original factory.

           \u2461The screen printing plate and the service platform should be parallel to each other. Otherwise, the screen distance is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent squeegee printing work pressure and screen printing plate deformation. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself should also be ensured. Jianyu screen printing is generally The customer basis must clearly state the actual regulations.

    1. Squeegee adjustment

           \u2460The adjustment of the flatness of the squeegee to the service platform, each with a ball screw on the top and bottom, can be adjusted separately; the middle transmission shaft contains the top wire up and down to adjust the top and bottom top wire, which is essentially the adjustment of the upper and lower squeegee plates. Low part.

           \u2461The adjustment of the inclination angle of the scraper is generally in the range of 65-85 degrees, which can be selected according to the necessity.

           \u2462The adjustment of the printing pressure should be coordinated with the adjustment of the printing plate and the printing platform distance. In screen printing, the adjustment of the printing pressure is actually the adjustment of the height of the squeegee.

           \u2463The length of the scraper board cannot be adjusted, it is generally supplied as a module, and each piece has several different lengths for use.

    1. Adjust the scraping rate.

           Generally, the adjustment of the cycle time size of the circulatory system in all work is completed by the adjustment rocker of the continuously variable equipment. To ensure the same rate of important links. Each kind of clamping adjustment is equipped with a relative clamping organization, and the squeegee printing work must be carried out under clamping conditions. The installation and maintenance of Hot Air Stenter Machine generally have actual requirements and regulations in the equipment manual, and customers can refer to them for implementation. Itinerary adjustment. Including the size of the itinerary and the adjustment of the itinerary. The Hot Air Stenter Machine with crank organization and swing rod organization can complete the stroke arrangement adjustment according to the adjustment of the crank and swing rod semi-perforated hole distance, the ruler is raised, and the stroke arrangement increases. Hot Air Stenter Machine with pneumatic organization can complete the stroke arrangement adjustment according to the adjustment of the limit switch position. The stroke arrangement of Hot Air Stenter Machine with drive chain drive cannot be adjusted.