How To Maintain Kibbeh Machine

  • For Kibbeh Machine in its operation, its formal use and maintenance are very important, because this is the key to the effective operation of Kibbeh Machine, so here, Hanjue Encrusting Machine Manufacturer makes Kibbeh Machine for everyone A detailed introduction to the rules of formal use and maintenance methods.

    1. Preparations for using Kibbeh Machine for the first time:
      1. Installation: The installation of the machine requires a dry site, stable placement, and appropriate space for operation and production. The external power supply should be installed by a special person, and the machine should be reliably grounded. The direction of the machine should be consistent with the machine instructions, if the direction is reversed , It must be corrected immediately, and reversal is strictly prohibited.
         2. Read the manual of the machine carefully before using the machine, be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine, and check whether the power supply, voltage, and grounding are normal.
         3. Open each flap to check and remove foreign objects before use. Only when the machine is running well can be used. Put some oil on the exposed gear before starting it every day.
         4. Add about 500 grams of dry flour to the noodle making box, and add it as needed during use.
         2. How to use Kibbeh Machine:
        1. Add proper amount of flour and alkali to the fermented dough and mix it evenly in the dough mixer. Generally, the ratio of flour and water is 1:0.4.
        2. Wake up the reconciled noodles. The time to wake up the noodles is determined according to the weather conditions, usually 20-30 minutes, and the temperature is about 38°C.
         3. During the operation of the machine, ensure that there is enough dry flour in the noodle making box to prevent the dough from sticking to the cutting knife and forming roller, which will affect the forming rate of the steamed bun.
         Three. Maintenance of Kibbeh Machine:
         1. The machine should be idling for a few minutes before it is used each time.
        2. Lubricate the machine before each shift. Put a few drops of oil on the gears. Replace the gear oil every six months in the gearbox. A small amount is enough.

           Prevent gear oil from flowing into the dough from the bearing part.
      3. When the machine is overhauled, the removed bearings need to be cleaned with gasoline, and then greased and installed.
       During the normal use and maintenance of the Kibbeh Machine, many users have learned about these two key operational matters in advance. So here, the above is the relevant introduction for everyone, I hope you can understand.