Encrusting Machine Manufacturer Tastes Good

  • Kibbeh Machine is a professional manufacturer. Only with a good machine can there be a good development. The conveyor belt automatically brushes oil to prevent the green belt from sticking to ensure product quality. Imported double frequency conversion, more stable performance. The product size is uniform, the ratio of skin filling and filling can be adjusted at will, and it can be operated by one or two people.

     Kibbeh Machine electric eyes control the speed to avoid the noodle conveying speed being too fast and breaking or too slow and blocking. The thickness and width of the noodle belt can be adjusted. The roller and auxiliary roller can roll the noodle into strips. Product length and weight are synchronized Stepless speed regulation function. If you want to produce cut products, you can turn on the power of the cutting table and set the cut length to determine the length and weight of the product.
     Kibbeh Machine popular king. Suitable for: meat filling, vegetarian filling, and other edible fillings. Kibbeh Machine has reasonable design, high degree of automation and accurate control mechanism. At the same time, it can save a lot of labor, thereby reducing production costs, and bringing good economic benefits to enterprises. Function Automatic Kibbeh Machine adopts double twisted auger to transport raw materials, and adopts secondary transmission design, so that the raw materials are at a uniform speed during transportation. Encrusting Machine Manufacturer's skin filling has low operating pressure and can maintain the internal oil content of the skin filling. After baking, the oil returns quickly, the color is bright, and the taste is good, just like handmade packaging. Special technology can have special efficiency.