Cookies Making Machine Can Produce Products Of Various Shapes

  • From the current biscuit market, it is not difficult to find that its varieties are very rich. From the perspective of the production process, there are hard biscuits, soft biscuits, sandwich biscuits, wafer biscuits, etc.; F shapes are not only round, square, stick, but also egg rolls. Cookies Making Machine are classified according to the production process, distinguishing wafer production line, biscuit production line and sandwich Cookies Making Machine.

    In the case of wafer biscuits, these biscuits are soft and crisp and difficult to make by hand, so the production line can play a decisive role in the taste of the finished product. The wafer biscuit production equipment used to produce wafer biscuit has a high degree of automation and can realize fully automatic production. Like the Mochi Ice Cream Machine of Hanjue Food Machinery Company, cream spreader, vertical cooling cabinet, grinder and other equipment, fully automated production of biscuits can be realized. Of course, wafer biscuits are constantly being refurbished to attract consumers' attention, such as mixing chocolate sauce to change the color, adding double or triple sandwiches, and so on. The line can achieve rapid production by simply selecting the corresponding mode.

    Although the shape of cookies is not the basis of the various Cookies Making Machine classifications, it is a necessary means to attract consumers. The current biscuits are mainly formed by molding, and the shape change can be formed by changing the mold. While wafer biscuits mainly rely on cutting and molding, the fragility of wafer biscuits can be imagined. In order to achieve perfect molding of wafer biscuits, the tool is "fast and accurate", and the sharp and fast tool can cut the shape rules.

    As a food with multi-functional application scenarios, from the perspective of long-term development, biscuits still have broad space for sustainable development. In the development of biscuits, the advancement of intelligence and automation of production equipment to further adapt to the current market's requirements for the nutrition and production characteristics of biscuits should be Hanjue's unremitting pursuit.