Attention To Cookies Making Machine Application

  • Precautions for using Cookies Making Machine
    1. The steam inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe joints are leaking. When selecting a tight nut does not solve the problem, add or replace the packing.
    2. When entering steam, open the steam inlet valve slowly until the pressure is needed. The stop valve at the condensate outlet, if a trap is installed, should always be opened; if there is no trap, open the valve first until When there is steam overflow, close the valve again, and keep the opening degree until a small amount of steam overflows.
    3. The safety valve can be adjusted according to the user's own steam pressure.
    4. During the use of the steam boiler, you should always pay attention to the change of steam pressure and adjust it in time with the steam inlet valve.
    5. After stopping the air intake, the straight mouth cock at the bottom of the pot should be opened, and the remaining water should be discharged.
    6. Tilting and stirring type Mochi Ice Cream Machine, oil should be added to the rotating parts before each shift; the parts on the surface of the stirring type Mochi Ice Cream Machine pot body, it is recommended to use cooked vegetable oil; other places are 30#- -40# mechanical oil.