If you would like to sink most of your money into a single

  • Ghostly warriors drop tons of runes, and therefore are fairly good exp, also. All you will need is jenica's ring after finishing summer's end, and use the portal near the axe hut. It would be a fantastic idea to deliver a fort bracelet with RS gold you, in case a rev tries to teleblock you and you can't get into the portal. They respawn VERY fast. If you're in a planet with roughly 1600+ people, even only 2 minute will keep you attacking none stop. They fall only a few runes and gems, so not just the best, but the exp is definitely something to consider.

    Guess that about sums it up. Attempt using super attacks when you're training, you're hit a whole lot more often and get considerably more exp\hour. Another fantastic \cheap technique is to utilize a dbaxe particular, then drink a restore potion, then top it off with an assault potion. Cheaper than using the superb strengths, but it will about as good as a project. Likely a few great things that I didn't know about\forgot to mention. My strategy is to get about another 1500k and go back to buyin ores and superheating mith and selling bars Until lvl 70 smithing. Profit of 741,800 per 1k ores done at a 3:2 ratio (Mith/Iron) My question is which method is quicker? The first strategy is quicker to mine, however I would have to do it more often. Second method would get me near 69 smithing though. In case you've got a much better method please allow me to know.

    I would like to receive one of those four Godswords. I would be using it on creatures only since I've never pvp'd and do not plan too. My att, str, and def are all 85 (for different stats, see my profile for link). They are all the same speed, right? I have about 39 million in cash. That may bring in about a little over 10 million. I could catch up to a 5 million or so selling odds and ends, probably. Armadyl is too pricey.

    Zamorak and Bandos possess a special that I don't care about (so to me, they are equal), and Zamorak is significantly more costly, so that out one. Saradomin Godsword has a useful unique (it functions against critters, right?) , I simply don't know whether it's worth the extra sum for it. Bandos is approximately 20 million and Saradomin is around 50 million. Can anybody tell me about the Sara unique? Just how much of the pub does this take? Could it be used to get back a fair amount of health? It says it gets back at 10, but I'd assume it would often be a little higher. I am simply not certain when the 30 million extra is well worth it.

    If you would like to sink most of your money into a single, definitely get the SGS. It is possible to get two specs per bar, and if you utilize piety throughout that time then it is able to heal a long time (Prayer points and Hitpoints) and buy OSRS gold I discovered each spec averaged to restore a bit more than the usual shark. However, it isn't completely reliable and you'll likely still need to attract some food, simply not as much as you'd have before. The BGS has it's own perks too, but not quite as good if you're just training on a standard monster.