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  • Such as Blizzard and Thunder Clap ticking all the boxes that are right back in the day, I can distinctly remember attacks, but it has been one of those matters to push me back into games in recent decades. After the brunt of your match is composed of buttons to fight beasts, you better make it feel good to divert us from the repetitive nature of it all.After near 10 years of requesting to return to the glory days of Azeroth, Blizzard has reopened the flood gates. The company spent the last few years telling us we didn't really desire it; that rose-tinted eyeglasses clouded our memory of the past. Were they right?
  • 1/15/20 at 2:30 AM -
    1/16/20 at 2:30 AM
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Such as Blizzard and Thunder


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