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  • World of Warcraft's underlying engine prevents it from ever really evolving past a few graphical upgrades and modifications to progress. Battle and its heart system will always feel the same -- nostalgically tempting although flat and dry. No amount of the can ever make the game feel new. On the contrary, it's just tweaked in a way players never really asked for in a vain attempt to keep it"fresh".

    Blizzard's crowning achievement might not take the clout it did 15 decades back and might still struggle to engross a similar crowd today, but while its core programs and semi-dated visuals may not convince new and old players to pick it over a modern name, people who do decide to hang around are bound to make a couple new friends, radically increasing the worthiness of the encounter on the way.
  • 1/20/20 at 2:30 AM -
    1/21/20 at 2:30 AM
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World of Warcraft's underlying


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