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  • Hollywood blockbuster cash-in.Rainbow Six: Patriots eventually took a NFL 18 Coins backseat and disappeared for a while as Ubisoft found a new way to repackage and refit the Runescape game for today's generation of gamer. Fast-forward to today and say hello to Rainbow Six: Siege.Originally, a lot of gamers didn't take to the angry Tea Party/99 percent American insurgent theme present in the original Patriots that portrayed the lower class

    Americans coming together and forming a dangerous military coup. The real biting aspect to the Runescape game was that Runescape players were tasked with subduing the bad guys by any means necessary, even at times killing civilians, cops and everyone else in between to maintain peace and achieve victory. I would be willing to bet that the whole concept didn't go over too well with the focus test groups.With Rainbow Six:

    Siege we only managed to see the Runescape player gameplay that was showcased during E3, which you can view below.It's pretty cool how the competitive aspects roll out during that controlled gameplay Runescape video above. I'm almost 100% sure that the Runescape game will not look like that when it launches in 2015 if the current trend of eighth-gen gaming graphics are anything to by.However, I do love the way a lot of the physics work in the trailer with Ubisoft's new procedural destruction engine, the Buy NFL 18 Coins unscripted proprietary Realblast Engine.

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    1/31/18 at 1:00 AM
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