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What is the creepiest thing you've ever seen your child do?

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    June 20, 2018 8:08 AM IST
    What is the creepiest thing you've ever seen your child do?


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    March 14, 2019 9:43 AM IST

    I like my daughter playing, walking and all activities are doing daily. It is really happy moment in my life. I am taken more care with her. Your question is good and people are given more comments with this post. I am also taken some of responsibility for making the post about that. I need some of remedies and solution for problem in body. I have made the blog post for telling my questions and doubts also. I am very happy to see you here. It is given some of experience for sharing my thoughts and related activities here. Why did you ask this question here? i am taken some of post looking this. I am storing more information and points from online. Good activities and morel types of stories are given for my child. She is like to watch and hearing the stories about that.

    My father and sister are given full support for managing the business. I have collected some of books and matters about carrying child from online. It is getting more rates. I am using the credit card for buying those books. And also i am getting the pan card for submit as proof. But it is not needed. Only banking transactions more than the limit mean i should use my pan card. I have getting some of morel activities and actions in my mobile. It is very helps for teach with my child. My sister and friends are also using the same method. Because the child are very like to watch the mobile phones and actions also. So in this method is very useful and easily attract the children as quick way. Thanks for given chance for posting my view and thoughts about my child. Please tell me some tips for control the anger for my child