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Avail the pocket friendly dental services

  • May 11
    San Salvador Dental Clinic is a complete dental solution with utmost sterilization in the prime area of Philippines under one roof. Our dental clinic gives you a perfect reason to smile each and every day. We make sure to provide our patients an informative, relaxing and stress free dental experience. Our clinic located in heart of the city is easily approachable from other parts of the city.

    We have latest technology and top class dental equipments ensuring that you receive top class dental care in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our [b]Dental services price list Philippines[/b] is also very affordable that anyone can afford the dental services easily. We at San Salvador dental clinic believe in giving you healthier and enhanced dental well being so that you can smile with confidence and spark. Our multi specialty dental clinic offers wide range of dental treatments. Some of them are:

      • Root canal therapy

      • Implants

      • Cosmetic dentistry

      • Surgical extraction

      • Orthodontics

      • Implants

      • Child dentistry

      • Oral pre cancer treatment

      • Jaw tumors and trauma cares

    Another very important dental service provided by our dentists is [b]crown teeth Philippines[/b] that help yours tooth to regain its shapes, improve the appearance and size and strength. The crown is cemented into the place to fully support the visible portion of the tooth that stays above the gum lime.

    Why crown teeth is important:

      • Dental crown is needed to protect your weak tooth from breaking and to hold it together.

      • To support or cover the tooth with large filling when there is not enough of tooth left.

      • It also holds a dental bridge properly in place

      • To cover a dental implant

      • To also make a cosmetic modification

      • To cover up discolored teeth or misshapen

    Basically a crown can give strength, structure to a tooth with extensive damage or decay to your tooth. Source-