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Lego's New Marvel-Themed Minifigures

  • November 5, 2021
    Lego's New Marvel-Themed Minifigures Are a Highly Tempting Collectible As Lego has struggled in recent years to keep new sets under wraps, rumors of an upcoming Marvel-themed minifigure collection have been circulating for months. Today those rumors were confirmed with Lego sharing the official details for its next collectible minifigures set featuring 12 new figures inspired by characters from WandaVision, To get more news about kopf Minifigures, you can visit official website. If you’re not familiar with all the characters in the new collection, or are wondering why some of your favorites are wearing peculiar costumes or include confusing accessories, it’s either because you’re not completely caught up on the first three Marvel TV series released to Disney+, or haven’t indulged in the trailers for What If...? which doesn’t debut on the streaming service until August 11. If you don’t want to know anything about the yet unreleased series you’ll want to move along, otherwise consider yourself forewarned. Although Lego doesn’t number every minifigure collection it’s ever released, the Lego Minifigures Marvel Studios set is actually the 37th set in the series, and almost immediately one of the best. Officially available in individual blind bags for $5 a piece (so completing the set will cost you $60) starting on September 1, the collection includes the Scarlet Witch, White Vision, and Monica Rambeau from WandaVision; the new Captain American and Winter Soldier from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; Loki (with Frog Thor) and Sylvie (with Alligator Loki) from Loki; and Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’Challa, Zombie Captain America, Zombie Hunter Spidey, and Gamora with the Blade of Thanos, from What If...? Given four of the 12 minifigures come with shield accessories it’s going to make it a little trickier to feel your way to figuring out who’s inside each blind bag, but at least Zombie Hunter Spidey is going to be easy to differentiate thanks to the long strand of webbing he comes with.