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Cutting Machine with Cutting

  • Jan 20
    The ZXQ3616 equipment has a small footprint, simple and safe operation, fast speed, high precision, and labor saving. Get more news about Band Saw Blade Grinder Machine,you can vist our website!
    The equipment adopts the latest generation of control system, which truly realizes the closed-loop, high-precision, and high-speed linkage between the equipment and the computer.
    It comes with a special-shaped version of the optimization software, which can optimize the special-shaped Rock slab, rectangular rock slab, high optimization rate, easy to use, high-performance servo motor and gear-grinding rack and pinion are used to ensure the stability of the machine, with precision, high speed and long service life.
    The cutter wheel is imported from Germany. High-hardness cutter wheel, the cutter head is equipped with a protection device to effectively prevent the knife from hitting the knife. The table is made of PVC resin board and processed by CNC CNC machining center.
    The flatness of the table can reach ±0.02mm. When cutting the rock slab, the cutting surface is guaranteed to be evenly stressed. After welding, annealing and heat treatment have ensured the installation accuracy of the linear monorail on the processed track surface.