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BHX2-2032-SM CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder

  • May 26
    BHX2-2032-SM CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder

    MPD's BHX2-2032-SM is a hybrid between a cage/retainer and a lithium coin cell battery holder and is a member of the Glider family of products. The BHX2-2032-SM offers the price competitiveness of a coin cell retainer, yet has a very reliable long term connection. Once the battery has been installed into the tray, it simply glides into the retainer and the tray locks into place. The lithium battery cage is made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze. MPD's BHX2-2032-SM with dual pressure contacts offers low electrical resistance and is optimized to keep a tight connection with the battery. The battery is easily changed without tools or instructions due to the intuitive design and shape. A simple wiggle of the plastic tray from side to side will release it from the metal frame.Get more news about Cerall Battery Box,you can vist our website!

    The Glider product family features over 27 variations accepting lithium coin cells with 10 mm diameter (CR1025) and up to 24 mm diameter (CR2450 and CR2477). Surface mounting or PC pin connections are offered. The battery rests directly on the PCB to reduce height. CR2032 cells typically offer greater than 220 mAh of power in a compact package, making them perfect for circuits with low power requirements. CR2032 and DL2032 cells are used for primary power or backup power.
    Unique design with dual beams for assured contact keeps coin-cell firmly secured
    Lightweight plastic tray holds batteries securely in place
    Battery rests directly on the PCB to reduce height (see datasheet)
    Shock and vibration resistant design
    7.5 mm total height above PCB
    Requires no tool for battery removal and replacement of coin-cell batteries
    Optional negative contact part numbers: BK-2982 or BC-2020
    Accepting CR2032, BR2032, DL2032, ECR2032, and LIR2032 lithium coin cell batteries