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What are Smart Locks? Are they really smart enough?

  • Jun 23
    What are Smart Locks? Are they really smart enough? Well, smart locks is something very similar to normal one, difference is there isn’t requirement for a physical key. It’s an electromechanical lock which is designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives instructions from an authorized device using a wireless protocol such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave etc., and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization process.To get more news about bluetooth fingerprint door lock, you can visit official website. Smart locks help you straddle the line between security and convenience. Whether you want the most secure smart lock, or the one that will make your life easier, we have the best one for your needs here. It also tracks the access and monitors the activities and send real time alerts to the corresponding user, it is more often deployed as a integral part of smart homes.Most of the smart locks are installed together with conventional mechanical locks like deadbolts, padlocks, knoblocks etc., and they physically upgrade the ordinary lock. At DEF CON 2016 - Presenters Anthony Rose and Ben Ramsey from Merculite Security focused on smart locks. They tested 16 different Bluetooth-enabled locks and found that 75 percent had "Insufficient BLE security." Well that’s a bad news!! In one case, the smart lock was using a proprietary encryption, a choice that is known to make implementations weak. In this specific case, the experts exploited the change of a byte in order to put the smart lock in an error state, which led to the lock opening. Similar to physical locks, no smart lock is perfect in practicality! It absolutely depends on the security you’re willing to trade off for the convenience of controlling the lock remotely. In conclusion, it is a very rare occurrence, and second- and third-generation Smart Locks have proven most difficult to compromise. Compare that to traditional, manual locks and windows, which are notoriously able to be picked or broken with much less expertise or ingenuity required. When you integrate high-end Smart Lock products with reputable automated home security and comfort systems, you'll benefit from a house that is much more secure.