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Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Core

  • June 23, 2022
    Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Core

    Nanocrystalline magnetic materials are required for devices like inverters, frequency converters, EMC filters, EV chargers and wind turbines. In cooperation with our partner MAC, we offer magnetic cores at highly competitive prices.Get more news about Nanocrystalline core,you can vist our website!

    Our magnetic cores use a highly controlled annealing method to generate a consistent and very small nanocrystalline microstructure with grain sizes of 10nm. They improve on typical amorphous magnetic characteristics, giving 1/5th the core loss of Fe-based amorphous metal. Nanocrystalline cores have a larger operational temperature range and much greater impedance at high frequencies than ferrite cores.

    Their magnetic properties and high saturation magnetic flux density make nanocrystalline cores suitable fore a wide range of applications, including switched-mode power supplies.Thanks to their high permeability, nanocrystalline CMCs can be smaller in size and handle larger currents. CMCs with nanocrystalline cores are also less susceptible to current imbalance and performance loss at high temperatures. This is due to the 1.2 T saturation induction and the wide temperature range.

    Low AC losses of the material guarantee for a high efficiency and reliability. Strong casings – available in polyester (130°C) and rynite polyester (155°C) – make them suitable for wrapping with heavy wire.