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SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

  • Sep 14
    SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review We recently moved into a new house and the front door is right by our driveway, which is very convenient for our family of four on a daily basis. We were looking for a smart door lock that would provide keyless entry for us, our kids and our guests if we needed them to come by while we were out. This is my experience with the SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock.To get more news about fingerprint front door lock, you can visit official website. What is it? SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a smart door lock that offers 4 ways of entry, auto relock, SECURAM Guard smart home security and built-in W-FI. It’s a deadbolt lock that easily replaces your current deadbolt and offers many smart lock features. With the advantages of the smart wifi door lock above, surely you can't ignore the current new trend, right? A smart door also called an electronic door lock is the kind of lock that integrates many features of modern opening such as user fingerprint, card, code, even opening the phone, wifi. This type of door lock applies modern science and technology with a special design that uses a test circuit through a 4V power source to operate (using a primary battery). Therefore, you do not need to use ordinary keys to open the door and forget about the worry of dropping, losing, or forgetting the key when leaving the house like traditional mechanical locks. Modern, convenient is that there is no reason not to use smart locks for home, right? According to experts, to ensure the safety of your family and business "should" use this smart door lock line for the following reasons:This feature helps the smart door lock to increase security and safety very high and is popular with many people. Lock the application of fingerprint biometric technology, theories that seem to only apply in people management, criminal investigation.