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PVC Extruder Pipe Production Extrusion Making Machine

  • September 22, 2022
    Plastic Twin Screw PVC Extruder Pipe Production Extrusion Making Machine

    PVC Plastic pipe making machine is mainly used in the production of Agricultural water supply & water discharge system, architectural water supply & discharge system, wire laying system, etc. purposes. Get more news about double deck compression forming machine,you can vist our website!
    The unit consists of Conical (Parallel) double screw extruder - PVC pipe mold - Vacuum forming tank - Haul-off machine - Cutting machine - Stacker/Belling machine .
    And the line can be equipped with Comptroller thickening instrument or computer ink-jet printer, etc. to achieve the production and manufacture of high-grade tubing.
    1. Specified screw design for better material plasticizing &mixing effect, For high filling formula, bimetallic screw and barrel can guarantee perfect solution;
    2. Spider type die head can reduce joint line of the melt material, with reasonable compression ratio design;
    3. Vertical integrated structured gear box with adopts NSK/SKF bearings guarantee stable operation and long uselife;
    4. Vacuum calibration tank adopts high-efficiency two chamber and large length design, providing faster calibration and more efficient cooling;
    5. Planetary cutter adopts hydraulic feeding of blade which providing perfect chamfering processing and cutting surface;
    6. U type, R type and Air blow type socket can be provided according to applications;
    7. Intelligent PLC controlling system with human-friendly interface make the operation easily and conveniently.