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The advantages of intelligent door sensor

  • Feb 7
    The advantages of intelligent door sensor in continuous monitoring As the basic technology of smart cities, NB-IoT technology has continuously evolved to lay a stable foundation for innovation in the field of Internet of Things, bringing breakthroughs in remote meter reading, security alarms, smart manhole covers, and smart street lights. Today, under the background of repeated epidemics, NB-IoT technology plays an important role in narrowband communication, and fully empowers "dynamic clearing" and "smart anti-epidemic".To get more news about smart home door sensors, you can visit official website. The smart door sensor is a smart door opening and closing status monitoring device based on the NB-IoT cellular mobile Internet of Things connection technology. It consists of two parts: a sensor and a NB-IoT communication transmitter. The smart door sensors are installed on both sides of the doors and windows. When there is a separation action, the supervisor can receive a text message and a voice alarm notification, which is the "electronic seal" in this anti-epidemic competition. The intelligent door sensor device is equipped with a background management and control system, with functions such as "open alarm", "overtime alarm", "people flow statistics", etc., using big data and pan-sensing technology to achieve statistics on the activity track and dynamic situation of home visitors. analyze. The whole process is easy to query and the information is visualized. The NB-IoT smart door sensor can monitor the door lock switch in real time. When the door is opened or closed, it will respond to the alarm in real time and upload the information. After receiving the alarm notification, the supervisor can take measures simultaneously. The background management system will also report the activity track and dynamics of the people staying at home in real time, supporting mobile and PC cloud management. \u2461The deployment is flexible and convenient. NB-IoT smart door sensor is suitable for the application requirements of different scenarios. It can not only meet the needs of real-time monitoring of people watching at home, but also can be deployed in the closed management of the park community. During the control time, the abnormal door opening and closing reminder can be activated, which can realize unmanned operation. , Simplify management, and help stationed personnel to achieve accurate monitoring and deployment from the background. The transformation between evacuation and arming is free and flexible, and the user can set the arming time, duration and evacuation time. At the same time, NB-IoT door magnetic signal is stable, low power consumption, and can be recycled; NB-IoT intelligent door magnetic universal operator network and wireless networking are convenient for lightweight deployment. With the advantages of convenient and easy installation and real-time management, NB-IoT smart door sensor is particularly prominent in the needs of grassroots epidemic prevention. NB-IoT intelligent door sensor integrates data collection, communication technology, and cloud management platform functions into one system, which has also become the basic trend of traditional industry Internet of Things. The Ebyte NB-IoT module comprehensively assists the intelligent anti-epidemic and provides wireless communication experience for public health security. As a high-performance, low-power Cat1 module for the Chinese region, NB-IoT module has strong advantages such as ultra-long life cycle, 800nA-level PSM power consumption, domestic core and mature process chip platform, and extreme cost. Based on the advantages of low power consumption, extreme cost, and industrial-grade quality, Ebyte will be widely used in the fields of smoke detection, smart meter reading, asset tracking, smart home appliances, shared bicycles, smart parking, etc. in smart cities, as well as wearable devices and IoT industries such as agricultural environmental monitoring.