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IP66 LED Flexible Neon Strip Rope Tube Light 50Meter

  • Feb 7
    IP66 LED Flexible Neon Strip Rope Tube Light 50Meter LED Flexible Neon Light is basically housed in the plastic jacket which could be transparent, opalescent, semi-transparent or transparent color. The LED Flexible Neon Light gives linear effect as well as better than Glass Neon. Till recently, though Glass Neon has been the mainstream of the outdoors linear lighting, it is also known for its technical weaknesses, including complicated installation, fragile glass nature, potential shock hazard, high maintenance cost and high power consumption. With over many years advanced LED technological research and rich experience in most production, development of LED Flexible Neon Light has helped replace glass neon. Compared with glass neon, it is easier to cut and it is flexible. It can be bent into whatever angles by hand. Installation within minutes and most important, it gives no hot spot on appearance. Flexible, line voltage, wet location, dot–free Neon–look LED lighting system.To get more news about custom neon signs, you can visit official website. Delivering 53 lumens at 4W per foot (delivered lumens based on 1ft. of 3000K tape) Extruded PVC jacket and lens Single run length up to 164 feet TLNEAC 120V Neon Flex LED Strip Ligh is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K (90+ CRI), as well as four colors: Blue, Green, Red and Amber Unique circuit design prevents overheating, extends projected life, and converts AC voltage without an additional enclosure, resulting in a cleaner and longer lasting installation Reverse Phase/Trailing Edge dimming Must use appropriate components that comply with local codes (weather-proof connectors, cord covers, enclosures, etc. if installed outdoors)