Bhkat kaho ya chamcha

  • In Hinduism, the followers of *** are called devotees or Bhakt.

    In the religious book Gita, Shri Krishna described four types of devotees, in which Shri Krishna has called the wise as the greatest devotee. But the meaning of the devotee has changed in today's time. Opponents of Narendra Modi have set a different definition of the devotee. By definition, anyone who speaks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's side will be called "Bhakt". The word is very popular on social media nowadays.

    Today, we will tell you why the supporters of Narendra Modi on social media have begun to become a Bhakt? What are the supporters of the rest of the leaders on social media? Let's know.

    "Bhakt is a Hindi word, which is often used for a person believes in his *** completely and cannot hear any abhorrence towards *** from anyone's mouth. Shri Krishna described four types of Bhakt in the Gita. These are the devotees of the devotee, devotee of the devotees and devotees of knowledge and knowledge. In this, Shri Krishna has called the Gyani Bhakt as the greatest Bhakt. Knowledgeable ones are devotees who worship their Lord without seeking any pleasures. "

    Let's see what Bhakt means for Modi supporters and Modi haters.

    Modi Bhakt: Narendra Modi is a Hindu leader of the nation and is associated with Swayamsevak Sangh. This is the biggest reason why the supporters of Narendra Modi are called devotees. Narendra Modi is the only leader of the country, whose supporters are called Bhakt.

    Modi Haters: On being told anything against Narendra Modi, supporters lose their patience, which is why they are called Bhakt. Just like a Bhakt cannot hear against ***, similarly, Modi supporters do not listen against Narendra Modi.

    Modi Bhakt: There is no objection even if they are called Bhakt. According to them, they are not blind bhakt ( andh Bhakt ) or Chamchas of a particular family. Congress and other parties have done so many scams, which can not be counted. In contrast, Modi has illuminated the country's name and has brought several schemes for the poor. There is no corruption in Modi's tenure. The allegations that are made are just lies, which are not proven.

    Modi haters: Modi supporters do not like to hear a word against Modi. They unleash the mud on the person who spoke against Modi and considers him as a supporter of the Congress and other opposition parties.

    Modi Bhakt: The misfortune of this country is that a party like Congress came into existence. Congress has always been a buyer or a greedy supporter. It is therefore not right to say that these people are not pro-hearted and rely on the Congress's publicity. These are called blind devotees or Chamchas on social media.

    Modi Haters: The supporters of Modi consider themselves nationalist and raise questions at the nationality of other people. This would mean that nothing will be said against Modi.

    Modi Bhakt: It is also not appropriate to make Modi's image dirty. Speaking against Modi on issues related to the country's interests such as oppositional surgical strikes, notebooks, opposition starts speaking against India, and they even not realize. Supporters say they are not at least supporters of the Nehru family, who do not even tolerate and do riots like 1984.

    Modi haters: The haters say that you call them ( Bhakt ) devotee of Modi they react badly. This is the reason why the supporters of Modi believe the words of the devotee misbehave.

    Modi Bhakt: Supporters say that this is the same thing. In Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party got 67 seats, but as the real image of Kejriwal was revealed, it was heard from everyone's mouth that he did not vote for Kejriwal.

    What is called supporters to the rest of the leaders?
    Social media has now become the largest arena of politics. While on one side Modi's supporters are called Bhakt, on the other hand, supporters from many other parties have been given many names too. Supporters of Congress on social media are called blind Bhakt or chamchas. Supporters of Aam Aadmi Party are called AAPtards and AAPiye. The supporters of communists, TMCs and Left parties are called anti-nationalists and Pakistanis.