The manufacturing industry has a great demand for large steel s


    Steel structure warehouses mainly refer to that the main load-bearing components are made of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roof trusses (of course the span of the factory building is relatively large, basically steel structure roof trusses), steel roof, note that steel structure walls can also be maintained by brick walls.

    Due to the increase in steel production in my country, many steel structure workshops have begun to be adopted. Specifically, it can be divided into light and heavy steel structure workshops. Compared with structures of other materials, steel structures have the following characteristics:

    Steel structure workshop

    1. High strength and light weight

    2. Good plasticity and toughness

    3. Reliability, weldability and airtightness

    4. With fire resistance and corrosion resistance

    With the fast growing of manufacturing industry, large steel structure is very much in demand. The unique advantages are high strength, capable of large span, environmental, seismic resistance etc. Its common applications are factory, warehouses, public constructions and other special application.

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