Features Of Three Way Stopcock

  • The medical infusion tee tube is composed of a tee tube, a one-way valve and an elastic plug. The upper and side ends of the three-way tube are each connected with a one-way valve, and the upper end of the three-way tube is made of a one-way valve. The side ends of the under-valve cover and the three-way tube are provided with a one-way valve upper cover, and the elastic plug is connected to the lower end.

    In clinical work, it is often necessary to open two venous channels for patients to achieve rapid treatment. When working with elderly patients and patients who have been repeatedly hospitalized, and the patient's blood vessels are not good, multiple venipuncture in a short time not only increases the patient's pain, but also causes congestion at the puncture site. In many elderly patients, the superficial vein indwelling needle is not easy to indwell, and deep vein catheterization is not possible. In view of this, a three-way tube is used clinically.

    Transparent appearance, increase the safety of infusion, and facilitate the observation of exhaust;

    Easy to operate, 360-degree rotation, and arrows indicate flow direction;

    The fluid flow is not interrupted during the conversion, no vortex is generated, and thrombosis is reduced.

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