The future development direction of my country's medical mold

  • At present, China's Medical Mould only account for 2% of the world's medical device mold market share, and the ratio of drug consumption to medical device consumption is only 2.5:1. In developed countries, this ratio is 1:1; the average cost of medical plastic consumption in the United States is US$300, while China is only 30 yuan, which has obvious development potential.

    In the international market, as industrialized countries continue to increase labor costs, medical mold manufacturers reduce production costs and continue to shape developing countries, especially from developing countries such as China. This is a fairly good technical foundation. The trend of multinational companies purchasing molds in China is still developing, and the development of international emerging markets is also very promising. However, the market has increasingly higher requirements for the development of molds. For example, emerging industries such as automotive lightweighting, intelligent molding, new energy, aerospace, biomedicine, rail transit, and smart grid are the national development priorities during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, and the molds needed for these priorities are also the development of the mold industry. Focus. Many of these require new development, and many technologies require breakthroughs. We must use this as a breakthrough to promote the improvement of the overall level of the industry.

    The export value of injection molds for medical products exceeded 100 million US dollars. It took us more than ten years to develop from 100 million US dollars to 1 billion US dollars, which lasted 7 years. Exports are now close to 5 billion U.S. dollars. It can be said that China's mold industry already has a considerable foundation. But the bottom line is very large. To achieve the goal of doubling exports in five years during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, we must actively cultivate export bases and key export enterprises. Of course, expanding foreign trade and developing exports is not only to achieve the export goal of 5 billion US dollars, but also to achieve integration with the international market by completing this task, thereby promoting the improvement of my country's Safety Needle Mould technology and industrial comprehensive level.