The development prospects of the mold industry

  • Molds play a pivotal role in industrial manufacturing. Many products cannot be manufactured without molds. Including forehead temperature gun mold,Oxygen Mask Mould, flannel mold, helmet mold.

    A sudden epidemic in 2020 put most companies into a more difficult environment, but this does not include mold companies. From the beginning of January to the present, the mold has created many popular products.

    With the continuous upgrading of the medical device industry, the current situation of high-end medical devices and equipment relying heavily on imports has been gradually changed. National policies encourage the development of the domestic medical device industry. In the development of medical devices or medical consumables, injection molds play an important role. The role of.

    With the development of modern medical technology, plastics have been widely used in the medical field. From disposable medical consumables, syringes and measuring cups, to sophisticated high-tech medical meters, medical equipment and instruments, plastics play an important role in improving the level of medical technology.

    Because medical devices have special requirements for hygiene and safety, smooth surface, and corrosion resistance, injection molds for medical plastic products play a pivotal role in the production process of their products. Injection molds are an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing of medical plastic products in a country, and to a large extent determine the quality, benefits and new product development capabilities of medical products.

    The industry has high requirements for the processing accuracy and stability of medical device injection molds, and these have become technical difficulties that medical device Needleless Injection Site need to break.