What are the outstanding effects of the needleless injection si


    The needleless injection site system uses mechanical devices to generate instantaneous pressure, and pushes the medicinal solution through a needleless injection head through an ion converter and an automatic drug delivery system to form a high-pressure body flow, which penetrates the skin and directly diffuses into the subcutaneous tissue for injection into the body The depth is limited and will not damage deep tissues.

    The effect of needleless injection site:

    1. Eliminate the damage of free radicals to the skin and purify the internal environment of skin cell growth.

    2. The unique equal charges complement each other to quickly achieve the purpose of removing wrinkles and replenishing skin depressions. The combination of polypeptide solution and cellular polypeptide complexes repairs cell DNA tissue, activates cell regeneration system, and differentiates new collagen cells.

    3. Effectively inhibit nerve conduction, relieve the nervous superficial fascia system of the skin, and effectively alleviate the generation of dynamic wrinkles.

    4. Effectively dissolve excess facial fat, inhibit the unconventional metabolism of the three major substances, and achieve the effect of face-lifting.

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