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The Role of Commercial Freezer Suppliers


    Ice cream and frozen food can increase profits

    Ice cream and other frozen foods are popular all year round, but in the hot summer months, they may become a daily habit for people to look for help to cool down. It is one of the largest frozen food categories, and after years of declining consumption, ice cream is back. Its popularity is on the rise, and new and fashionable ice cream substitutes are being developed to keep up with changing consumer demands.

    Although ice cream is still a decadent treat-what psychologists call "permissible indulgence"-more and more consumers want something that tastes good but does not disrupt their diet or disrupt a healthy lifestyle . Market research company Mintel reports that if unhealthy food or beverages contain at least one healthy ingredient, 37% of consumers worldwide will feel guilty about eating unhealthy food or beverages. The demand for low-sugar and high-protein products is affecting the development of popsicles made from vegan ice cream, frozen yogurt and oat milk. In Asian countries, the trend that is good for you seems to be accelerating. In these countries, new ice dessert products containing digestive aids, collagen and probiotics are becoming popular. In Asia, innovations such as saltiness and saltiness and unusual shapes of ice cream (does anyone like fish-shaped ice cream?) are common. One cannot ignore the influence of Instagram and other social media platforms, which have created greater interest, almost obsessed with new and experimental types of ice cream.

    The North American market is also accepting healthier alternatives, as evidenced by the growth of low-calorie brands such as Halo Top. Coupled with the long-term trend of "snacking" ice cream into a single service product, almost all retailers have begun selling ice cream. It has a shelf life of up to four months and is a relatively easy to monitor and inventory product, which can add extra income to your bottom line. When frozen vending machines that store attractive frozen foods are installed in unexpected places, such as lunch rooms, car service centers, or waiting rooms, they will surprise customers, customers, or employees.

    If you are storing ice cream in Commercial Freezer Suppliers commercial freezer for the first time, please keep the following points in mind:
    When storing shelves, leave space between items to allow air to circulate above and below each layer.
    Constantly opening and closing the door can cause temperature fluctuations. Check the freezer door for any gaps or broken gaskets, and consider buying a vending machine equipped with a Smartlock health timer, which can monitor the internal storage temperature and lock the freezer vending machine for protection when the preset safety limit is reached Stored food. The backup battery of the Smartlock system ensures that the food safety system operates during power outages.
    The soft ice cream comes from the machine, not the freezer. When it comes to ice cream commercial vertical freezers, make sure you invest the best. Our freezer will keep your ice cream products in top selling condition while using a small part of the energy used by the old freezer.