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Types of Ice Cream Freezer Factory


    Types of commercial ice cream freezer options at Ice Cream Freezer Factory
    The type of freezer you use to store ice cream may be different from the type of freezer you use to display products in a restaurant or store.

    In addition, you have a traditional ice cream freezer, as well as a freezer that can hold soft ice cream. One of the common indicators is "quarts per hour (serving volume)" because you have to pull the lever directly from the freezer.

    In addition, you must choose the size and shape of the refrigerator based on your inventory and the way you want to serve.

    Ice cream (and Froyo, Gelato and Sorbet) storage
    For traditional "hard" scoops of ice cream, most experts agree that it is good to store the product below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. A common rule of thumb is to store ice cream between -10 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. In the end, it will usually be served at a temperature higher than this in order to provide customers with a creamier and more delicious experience.

    Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet are the other three products with lower milk fat content, which are usually stored, displayed, and served in a higher temperature range, such as 10 to 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The key to all these products is to prevent thawing from forming hard or crisp ice crystals. In order to process the product correctly to obtain a smooth, creamy effect, the temperature throughout the supply chain must be just right.

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