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Janani : Existence exists in You & because of you .

  • Janani : Existence exists because of you and in you.

    “If man adopt the qualities of woman, he can achieve any height of greatness. And if a woman adopt qualities (?) of man, no demon is more scary and dangerous than her

    ----- Munshi PremChand” 

    Women have hunger two fold, shyness four fold, daring six fold and lust eight fold compared to men.

    Great Chanakya 

    If above are true then where you stand my dear man against woman? Or above two gentlemen were trying to impress women by saying some good things about them?

    If women are so powerful then how men controlled such a powerful or wild entity and converted her into weaker sex or fair sex or protectee instead of protector. I am not able to believe women are weak. But really is she powerful or great? or these are some words to keep her into control.

    Is she really powerful? 

    Principles of Engineering and Biology

    For a great structure, inner balance is first and foremost requisites ( except Minar of pisa, which is still tilting and yet to fall). 

    Human body is considered best structure of engineering and women have 23 sets of chromosomes and last  one is XX (biology) while man’s is XY. Yes XY means odd means unbalanced?  It means woman structure has inner balance while man doesn't .

    Principle of Economics

    Tigers are being protracted while dogs are being killed. Why? Boss, tigers are less in number while There is no dearth of dogs, they are plenty. As per rule of economic, things which are less in number, are more in demand.

    how many ova (egg) can a woman produced in a lunar month? 10000 or 1000 or 100s.? Nooooo, only one. Yes u rightly heard it is just 1 and how many sperm a man can produce in a month. Ohh common. I  can't count.  Can you? May be but surely would be a herculean task. It means 1 to 2 billions ( 100-200 crore) sperm to fertile one ovam. Ohhh my god, so which is most important for existence (god), women having  limited number of  Ova or man having innumerable number of  sperms. Obviously it is  woman who is most important to this existence.

    Principles of Physiology or human anatomy;

    At the fag end of MAHABHARAT, Mata Gandhari summoned duryodhan to present himself before her without any cloth. Yes you rightly heard even not a cloth to cover his groin area and Lord Krishna made him to cover his groin area by saying you or she might be felt embarrassed seeing you completely naked. Rest is history, Duryodhan was killed because Bhim attacked on his groin which proved fatal for former.

    Yes man body consist very weak area called groin and attack on it can be fatal for him while woman doesn't have such weak point. Even woman body can tolerate more heat or cold (didn't u see woman in function organized in winter season). Hahaha, you can say poor joke but it's true she can face any kind of season more effectively then man.

    Aboves are enough to prove woman is more powerful than man. This world can't match bravery of Rani Laxmibai who fought battle with her son on back and 2 swords in two hands.

    How women can be great? 

    How can be? Dear friend she is. 

    As per Hindu Mythology, every human body consists male and female both. ( Didn't you see pictures of Ardh-Nareeshwar where in half body of Mata Parvati and the other half of Lord Shiva. Psychologically, thinking is feminine while action is masculine. It means thought is feminine and action based on it is masculine. And I don't have any doubt by saying thoughts are more powerful than action. But what kind of thought makes humans great? Obviously mercy, kindness, motherhood (Mamta) and these are obviously quality of woman.

     Can you tell me the name of any person who are great without having qualities of woman? Be it Lord Mahaveer, Lord Budha, Lord Nanak, Lord Christ or our Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) or more. They became great because they possessed qualities of woman. And Hitler, Mussolini, mehmood gaznavi? Yes they are considered cruel despite being powerful. Further she plays second fiddle despite knowing that she is powerful. She is ready to sacrifice for her man, her brother or son or father. She tries to keep all her dear one happy even if she doesn't receive the same  from her males. Moreover, the human race is being upgraded or refined due to intense desire of a woman to find intelligent, powerful mating partner and not man. 

    How women forget she is powerful and great?

    Hahaha. She is tamed same way as elephant is tamed. Consistent effort to inject slow poison of suggestions since centuries made her weak and believed that she can't compete with man. How man achieved this feet? By suggesting she is weak, she can't stand in a crowded bus, she has to be chaste, she is property of man, blablabla.

    She hears all these suggestions since childhood and start feeling that she is weak etc. My dear sister, tell me why you accept  a seat in a crowded bus offered by man. If he can stand why you can't? Next time if you get an offer , refuse, it would be your first step to come out of this vicious circle. This is just an example, there may be so many such kinds of things.

    I am not suggesting you to become violent or become like man. No no , we can't afford so many demons,  because of you, this nature is beautiful, I want to emulate you to become fair and lovely ( and also great)

    You are the  best creation of Ishwar (God). In fact existence (ishwar) exist in you and  because of you.

    Mera Shat Shat Pranam.

    Jai Hind