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Women's rights in Saudi Arabia‬‬

  • The challenges of freedom from the Middle Eastern are connected to many issues the area faces. Too little freedom, individual rights, unemployment, gender inequality and education are only a few of the problems the Arab human development reports discuss. The most recent uprisings from the Middle Eastern are clear evidence that society is demanding their fundamental rights and they won't permit the nation to overrule anymore. What's even more uplifting and surprising is the picture of female participation in these protests. Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran - you name it and females are present. International media has favorably depicted these pictures and enabled girls to have more influence in society. 

    For decades the picture of women has been commanded by men, but times have changed. Previously, women's opinions and voices were silenced behind that the hijab and that the burka. This made the function of the Middle East woman vague and unclear, causing plenty of false portraits of women in the region. Luckily with the aid of media, this picture was altered and cleared up for outsiders throughout the protests we've seen over the last year. The battle between the modern democratic world while preserving spiritual beliefs causes a constant tug of war between state and society. It is therefore important to recognize that Islam is not necessarily representative of center East societies because freedom of religion or choice are generally limited. 

    Because of lack of liberty of religion in the center Eastern And enforcement of Islam in that the laws and policies which govern the country, it's hard for a female to work out her full potential as an individual being. The lack of identity makes the function of faith a much larger part of every day citizens as the nation is after all based on religion. Religion might be seen as the bridge that gaps the lack of identity and lack of leadership from Iran. The problem isn't the religion itself, rather the nation interpretation and enforcement of it. Because of vast interest and qualitative research on girls in the center Eastern, females are speaking out on the inhumanities they've endured. The educated and educated women of the Middle Eastern was a major threat to the nation as females are using their info to demand their rights. The net has been utilized because a platform or place of communication in which gender isn't discriminated.