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Homeopathic Treatment For Tinnitus

  • Homeopathy, defined as a theory that disease could be treated by eating minute doses of drugs that could produce the same signs of the disease in a healthful adult. This concept has some grounding in recognized medical science called vaccinations. Is there some scientific grounding as a naturopathic treatment for tinnitus? Similar to building the immunity system by giving inactive doses of ailments themselves, homeopathy is remarkably similar to the contemporary practice of vaccinations for once devastating diseases like polio, tetanus and smallpox. Allergists utilize a sort of homeopathy to ease chronic cough victims - by really injecting to the victim's blood stream minute amounts of the allergens that cause the allergy themselves - sneezing, watery eyes and lots of other maladies.


    The question is, will a naturopathic treatment for tinnitus sufferers offer respite from the bothersome whistling, roaring and chirping noises? The response, is an unqualified no. Donald.I.Simpson, a medical researcher in these Department of Pharmacology, The Medical School, University of Birmingham, UK, authored a double blind study to find out whether a naturopathic treatment for tinnitus worked. Of 28 people who took part in these experimentation, 14 preferred the naturopathic treatment over the placebo. The complex audiological measuring device could perceive no real improvement.