Why insist on oil-free air compressors?


    In recent decades, with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous introduction, deepening and improvement of high-precision crafts, technologies and equipment, various industries have become more and more clear about the quality of gas consumption.

    Based on consumers' increasing concern for life safety, the demand for oil-free clean compressed air in food, beverage, medicine, fine chemicals, and related packaging industries is unquestionable. In the entire production process, oil-free compressed air is everywhere in equipment operation, cleaning, drying, and testing.

    In addition, in the processing and manufacturing processes of electronics manufacturing, automobiles, textiles, and chemical industries, oil pollution must also be eliminated. Otherwise, it will cause serious consequences such as increased scrap rate, equipment damage, reduced product quality, and production pauses, which will eventually make the brand and Market reputation suffers.

    We often encounter the term "technical oil-free air" in the practical application of air compressors. It is a nominal oil-free air compressor with a multi-stage oil removal filter to achieve a nominal oil-free performance. In the post-processing chain, when any one of the links is damaged or improperly maintained, it will directly cause oil to contaminate downstream process equipment and products, and risks are inevitable.

    The oil-free air compressor can directly provide pure oil-free gas source, and can meet various process applications without external oil processing equipment. Its stable and reliable performance makes users really feel comfortable and relieved.

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