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Learn something about air tools


    Air tools is mainly a tool that uses compressed air to drive an air motor and outputs kinetic energy to work. Air tools has the advantages of small and exquisite body, long service life, high safety, and more energy saving. It also has a relatively complete range of specifications and is widely used in places where electric tools are not convenient to use.

    Such as carpentry, lock making, gas station, chemical industry, etc. What are the commonly used air tools? Let's have a look.

    1. Wind approval

    Alias: pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver

    Air tools for tightening and loosening screws and nuts, etc. Using compressed air to drive screwdrivers is widely used in the manufacturing industry. The shell is mostly made of metal, and its hand feeling is slightly worse than that of electric, but the metal shell has better antistatic performance. Consumables are less. As long as you pay attention to maintenance and refueling at ordinary times, you only need to change the fan blades within one year.

    2. Pneumatic grinding machine

    A sander that provides pneumatic power by connecting an air pump to achieve continuous operation of the machine. Pneumatic sanders have a variety of shapes and structures, suitable for iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry surface grinding, ship, automobile, abrasive, aviation industry fine polishing, burr removal, rust removal, paint removal and other various angles of operation, with small volume, high rotational speed, high grinding efficiency, low noise and small vibration advantages.

    3. Air shovel

    Air tools, which uses compressed air as power to make the hammer inside reciprocate and strike the shovel, thus realizing the digging operation of the shovel on metal and building materials. Air shovels are mainly used in casting, welding, construction, furnace maintenance and other places. They are suitable for sand removal of castings, deburring of large, medium and small castings, shoveling and cutting weld slopes, and correcting openings of stone and concrete walls and brick walls.

    4. alias: dust gun

    The principle of air amplification is used to effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, thus generating strong and accurate airflow and driving the surrounding air to work together. It is mainly used for dust removal in factories as well as during installation and maintenance, and is most suitable for cleaning in narrow, high places and air pipes that cannot be touched by hands.

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