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China is a big producer and exporter of hardware tools


    In the domestic hardware air tools industry, the sales of domestic air tools have accounted for 90% of the total sales, while various imported brand products only account for 10% of the market share. Foreign air tools market, the proportion of Chinese manufacturing continues to expand, China has become a global production base for air tools.

    The research and application of China's start-up manufacturing industry and air technology started late, but there has been great development in the past ten years or so. As air tools have the characteristics of high quality, long life, high speed, high output force and high precision, air technology has been rapidly applied to various industrial sectors and has achieved remarkable benefits in production.

    With the development trend of mechatronics technology, in order to make the microcomputer, the program controller and the cylinder form a mechatronic air system, and the air components are developing towards low power, miniaturization and light weight.

    The rapid development of China's hardware air system has also driven the development of air tools. More and more businessmen are optimistic about the market of air tools. On the one hand, its technical requirements are relatively high. Now, with the development of production technology in the sea, some enterprises like Wenzhou and Shanghai have introduced air tools one after another, and the use range of air tools is also very wide.

    China is a big producer and exporter of hardware tools. Among them, the vast majority of electric tools sold in the world are produced and exported from China. We have become the world's major supplier of electric tools. Although China's hardware and tools industry has a large scale, many hardware and tools manufacturing enterprises often lack core competitiveness and are difficult to become bigger and stronger due to weak technological innovation capability, too single market structure, weak brand influence and other factors.

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