Introduction to the use of glue gun


    Whether it is artistic creation, manual work, or simple pasting, there is no better tool than a hot melt glue gun. Different from other adhesives, hot melt adhesives can smoothly adhere to the surface of objects, will harden quickly, and can firmly bond various materials together. Although the tackiness of hot melt adhesive is not the strongest, it has a wider range of applications than most adhesives. As long as you follow the basic usage steps and keep the safety guidelines in mind, you can easily play with the hot melt glue gun.

    1. Refer to the instructions for use. Read the instructions carefully and find the relevant information for safe operation. Pay attention to the different components of the hot melt glue gun and their working principles. Is the glue gun you bought automatically heated or controlled by a switch? How long is the heating time required under normal circumstances? Which materials are suitable for use? The answers to these questions should be included in the product specification.

    Be sure to read the safety instructions carefully to avoid accidents or injuries during use.

    The manual should clearly stipulate the size and type of the adhesive strip.

    2. Check the glue gun for signs of damage. Before turning on the power or using the glue gun, check the tool for cracks, cracks, fragments, or any signs of damage. In addition, check whether the power cord is damaged. Never use glue guns with the above problems, otherwise there will be dangers.

    Because the glue gun contains electronics and heating elements, a faulty glue gun hides a great safety hazard.

    3. Make sure that the nozzle of the gun is not blocked by residual glue. The nozzle of the gun should be kept unobstructed at all times so that the melted rubber strip can flow out from the top of the nozzle. If possible, remove the nozzle of the gun and wipe off the dried glue with tin foil, or use a toothpick to pick up the remaining glue that blocks the nozzle. Before each use, make sure that the gun nozzle is unobstructed and not blocked by residual glue.

    Before touching or removing the nozzle, be sure to unplug the power cord.

    Never clean the glue gun with water. The worst case is that after the glue gun reaches a certain temperature, the blocked glue will melt and drip, so you need to wait for a while.

    4. Insert the plug of the glue gun into the socket. Find a wall outlet closest to where you work. Once the plug of the glue gun is connected to the socket, the glue gun will automatically heat to melt the glue strip. At this time, be sure not to touch the mouth of the gun with your hands, or walk away to do other things. The glue gun must be placed upright to avoid accidents.

    Before plugging in the plug, check again whether the power cord is worn or aging. A damaged power cord may cause a fire.

    Some types of glue guns are wireless, so you can freely choose where and how to use them. If you can't buy this glue gun, using a patch panel can also increase your operating range.

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