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Index Selection of Air Compressor Lubricating Oil


    Air compressor is one of the important power equipment indispensable in manufacturing enterprises. Generally, special personnel in the power department are responsible for its daily operation and maintenance. As one of the important links in the air compressor maintenance process, the replacement of lubricating oil is naturally worthy of attention and specifically discussed.

    Traditionally, positive displacement air compressors (not to mention the turbine type) are divided into two types, piston type and screw type. The current trend is that the screw type is gradually replacing the piston type because it technically makes the quality of the compressor Lighter, more compact size, less noise and vibration, and subsequent more reliable operation.

    Lubricating oil in piston compressors is generally used to lubricate bearings, pistons, cylinders or valves. The function of screw compressor oil is to add cooling and sealing.

    In a reciprocating piston compressor, the cylinder and the transmission device generally share a lubrication system. But in large compressors, these two parts are lubricated separately.

    The choice of lubricating oil for piston air compressors is more challenging, because the stress generated at the top and bottom dead center of the cylinder is sufficient to cause the rupture of the oil film. At the same time, when the air is compressed, it will generate high temperature, which is more likely to cause oxidation of the lubricating oil and lead to deposition. In most cases, choosing piston compressor oil requires mastering two important indicators. One is the viscosity of the oil. The viscosity of the piston compressor oil is between ISO VG 68-150. The second is the oil grade. According to the ISO51506 standard, you can choose VCL (mineral oil containing anti-aging additives) or VDL (synthetic oil running under the harshest conditions) standard grade lubricating oil.

    One more thing about the lubrication of mobile compressors, this type only uses SAE20-SAE40 single-stage viscosity lubricating oil.

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