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Oil-free air compressor related introduction


    The silent oil-free compressor belongs to a special kind of air compressor in the oil-free air compressor family. In addition to itself, the compressed air does not sweat any lubricating oil, the biggest feature is that the noise emitted during work is very small. Will cause any impact on the surrounding environment, therefore, we call it a silent oil-free air compressor.

    Features of silent oil-free air compressor:

    1. Low noise: The output air pressure is stable without fluctuations, which minimizes noise pollution. It is suitable for analysis and testing, laboratory facilities, laboratories of universities, research institutes, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention and other testing departments.

    2. No oil and water: The air compressor solves the problem of oil and water from the output gas. It is also equipped with a water drain to drain the water filtered out in the gas storage tank in time.

    3. Steady flow: The air compressor adopts the latest pressure reducing device, and the output air is constant current and stabilized, so that laboratory instruments such as atomic absorption have good reproducibility during testing.

    4. Long service life: The air compressor is equipped with a start-up preheating device, the machine is equipped with an external protector, and the inside of the tank has been internally sprayed. Not only is the air compressor used reasonably, it is also versatile and has a long service life.

    5. Easy to operate: save the trouble of frequently checking and adding lubricating oil for oil machine and screw air compressor, regular maintenance time is long, and it can run normally after daily power supply. The operation is simple and does not need to be on duty.

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