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LUXI spray gun is chosen by more and more people


    There are many types of spray guns, and various spray guns have different spraying requirements. Let's take a look together below.

    Electrostatic spraying can be combined with air and air-mixed spraying, and integrate their respective advantages into a new spraying method. Applying DC high voltage between the grounded workpiece and the spray gun will generate an electrostatic field. When the negatively charged paint particles are sprayed on the workpiece, they will be evenly deposited on the surface of the workpiece after collision, and the paint particles scattered near the workpiece are still there. Within the scope of the electrostatic field, electrostatic spraying has certain requirements on the viscosity and conductivity of the coating. Not all coatings are suitable for electrostatic spraying, and the equipment investment is also relatively large.

    The paint spray gun is a kind of equipment whose paint utilization rate is low, and the paint transfer efficiency is only about 30%. The wave-like spray often causes shortcomings such as rebound and overspray. Not only was the paint wasted, it also caused considerable pollution to the environment. Since the paint is in direct contact with the compressed air, the compressed air is required to be purified. Otherwise, the water and oil in the compressed air will be mixed into the paint, which will cause the coating to produce bubbles, whitish and lose gloss. You can try LUXI's environmental protection spray gun, the paint utilization rate is as high as 65%, which saves paint and protects the environment.

    The use of high-pressure airless spray equipment spray guns can make users more satisfied with the efficiency of construction, because this type of equipment can improve the adhesion of the paint and extend the life of the coating. High-pressure airless spraying adopts high-pressure spray atomization to make the paint particles obtain strong kinetic energy. The paint particles are injected into the gap of the workpiece by the kinetic energy, so that the coating is denser, the mechanical occlusion force with the workpiece is enhanced, and the adhesion is improved. Effectively extend the life of the coating.

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