Healthy office model

  • As more and more desks appear, so too are types. There are many types of adjustable desk manufacturers, including hand-operated adjustable desks, manually adjustable desks, electric adjustable desks and lift tables.

    A single office mode is not necessarily conducive to physical health, so it is unreasonable to only use a standing desk. Employees often switch between standing and sitting positions when working, which is conducive to protecting the health of users.

    Like sitting for a long time, standing for a long time will also bring about many unfavorable factors, including physical fatigue, stiffness of the legs, etc., which are extremely disadvantageous for the user.

    Since a single standing table is also not good for health, an adjustable table that can alternate standing and sitting is much more comfortable. Although the electrically adjustable table may occupy a larger area, the switch between standing and sitting postures will not bring additional trouble and burden to the body. Appropriate exercise is also very important. Studies have shown that users can perform some exercises in situ when standing in office, and the frequency of walking is much higher. For those who are in pursuit of fashion or want to maintain their health and figure, a stand up desk manufacturer is very practical.