Why standing desk can prevent cervical spondylosis

  • The standing desk manufacturer can create a good learning environment for children. According to statistics, cervical spondylosis is a common wind disease second only to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Once suffering from cervical spondylosis, you will feel neck and shoulder pain, tugging, headache, dizziness, upper limb numbness, and in severe cases, you will hear local "friction sounds", which affects learning and physical development. The reasons for the significant increase in the incidence of cervical spondylosis are roughly as follows:

    1. The heavy burden of work pressure leads to bad habits.

    Intensive work leads to long hours of desk reading, writing, or computer use, the head and neck are fixed in a forward flexion position, and there is no timely rest and adjustment. The cervical spine lacks rich blood flow nutrients, and the neck muscles are gradually weakened and muscle strength is reduced. And so on, induce cervical spine problems.

    1. Improper combination of table and chair height.

    The body is very important to everyone. The short desktop and high chair used can easily cause cervical strain and cause great harm.

    1. Lack of protection awareness.

    If the weather changes, if you do not pay attention to keeping your neck warm, it is likely to induce cervical spondylosis. After sitting still for a long time, if you exercise too vigorously, twist your neck suddenly or encounter external violence, it is also easy to cause cervical spine injury.

    1. Psychological factors.

    Many people do not understand cervical spondylosis, do not pay attention to neck protection, or tension, anxiety, fear, etc., are also the reasons for the aggravation of symptoms.

    If you have symptoms of cervical discomfort, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid missing the best treatment opportunity. As long as the cervical spine problems are dealt with actively, most of them will recover. There are many treatment methods for cervical spondylosis, such as manual therapy, traction, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and medicine. In daily life, we must pay more attention to preventive measures to protect the health of the cervical spine.

    In addition, choose a standing desk or an electric adjustable desk manufacturers to develop a good sitting posture and effectively prevent cervical spondylosis.