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Factors to be considered in determining the height of TV elevat

  • To determine the height of the tv lift first, we must first determine the optimal height for TV viewing, which not only depends on ergonomic mathematical problems, but also needs to consider aesthetic factors.

    In general, the height of the most important thing is that the center of the screen is at the height of the line of sight when sitting down, and the other is the bottom third of the screen when sitting down.

    If the screen is placed at a higher position than these two positions, it will increase the burden on the user's neck, which is not the most suitable and ergonomic height. However, many people are not aware of the adverse consequences of this height. They are only pursuing how to make the room look better. It is also incorrect to pay too much attention to the aesthetic effect. In comparison, it should be more focused on placing it in comfort. the height of.

    When installing the TV lifting column, you need to pay attention to it. When the TV is fully raised, you need to determine the final height of the TV according to the position you often sit. When watching TV on the sofa, install a sufficiently high TV lifting column is A good choice, you can adjust the height of the TV according to different viewing heights.

    If it is a drop-down TV installed on the ceiling, it is relatively far away when watching TV. In order to avoid tilting the head upward, you can place the lifting column on the other side of the room opposite the bed, which can improve the viewing comfort. degree. When the lifting column is installed in the kitchen, the user usually sits on a chair and watches TV. The height of these chairs is higher than that of the sofa, which means that the TV at the counter height can be used. Use a pop-up elevator under the counter or a drop-down automatic tv lift installed in the cabinet to get a comfortable viewing height.