How to use a standing desk better

  • More and more studies have shown that sitting for a long time will have extremely adverse effects on your health, and using a standing desk can reduce this adverse effect to a certain extent. The following are some precautions for using a custom adjustable desk.

    First of all, ensure that the standing desk "standing" function

    If you want a standing desk to play its role, you need to stand regularly, especially in the downturn in the morning and afternoon. If you want to keep your energy, it is a good choice to work with a standing posture. Attention is more concentrated, fatigue is reduced, and vitality will increase.

    Second, you need to maintain flexibility.

    To develop good routine habits for sitting upright desks, the key is flexibility. Just as sitting for a long time is bad for your health, so standing for a long time is bad. Alternating sitting and standing can better maintain your health. The standing desk has a very low voice when working. This can ensure that the alternate standing and sitting will not affect other colleagues and is convenient to use.

    Third, don’t ignore your posture

    When using a standing desk, if the height of the desk is not adjusted to the ideal height, the standing desk cannot be used to its fullest. Therefore, whether it is standing or sitting, the most important point is to find the best Height and posture. In the best posture, the elbows should be at a ninety-degree angle, and the height of the monitor should be parallel to the line of sight of the eyes, and no additional pressure is required on the waist, back, or muscles. In the process of using a standing desk, you need to ensure that you are operating at the best height. The programming function of the standing desk does not require manual operation every time the height is adjusted, which can save energy and time.

    Finally, get a desk with anti-shatter function

    No matter what kind of automation equipment will be accompanied by safety hazards, so equipped with the correct safety functions can greatly reduce or eliminate these safety hazards. The ingeniously designed desk will not affect the items on the desktop when changing between standing and sitting. It has anti-crushing function and can sense objects in advance and stop moving. This function is very practical and convenient.

    These skills can help to better use the standing office desk and make users more convenient and comfortable.