The emergence of adjustable desks

  • The appearance of the adjustable desk can easily adjust the working posture when needed, relieve nerve and muscle pressure, adjust the state of the body, and maintain health.

    Sedentary physical discomfort is an inevitable problem for every 9 to 5 office worker. Research shows that sitting still for more than two hours a day can cause more than ten long-term physical diseases.

    Adjustable desk can keep office workers away from low-efficiency sub-health. The humanized design concept allows office workers to work in the most comfortable and efficient state, making the office healthier and smarter.

    The adjustable desk is mainly composed of working table, adjustable desk legs, table legs, table frame and intelligent lifting control system. Its core components are adjustable desk legs and intelligent lifting control system. The lifting movement of the adjustable desk legs is controlled by the intelligent lifting control system, thereby driving the height adjustment of the working table.

    The main function of the adjustable desk is the electric lifting function, which is suitable for people of different heights and realizes a healthy working mode that can stand or sit.

    1. The adjustable deskcan be lifted and lowered freely, and it can stand or sit alternately to work. The alternating stand-sitting period does not hinder busy affairs at hand.
    2. The adjustable deskis easy to operate, and it can be automatically adjusted to the specified height by simply pressing the button.
    3. The memory function of the adjustable deskis stored, and the user can adjust the function keys to a fixed position according to their own suitable height, which is convenient to use.
    4. The appearance of the adjustable deskis simple and generous, which is in line with the international office trend, and is different from the dull and difficult-to-move style of the traditional desk.
    5. The sit stand deskis beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers, can increase work efficiency and make the workplace atmosphere more active.