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Causes Of Failure Of The Universal Joint Cross

  • The universal joint cross is an unequal velocity universal joint composed of a cross shaft connecting two universal joint forks. When we use the universal joint, we will encounter various troubles and failures in the south. Today we will talk about the failure and the reason for the universal joint.

    The failure of the universal joint of the drive shaft is mainly due to the wear of the journal and the bearing and the bending and deformation of the journals, which causes the center lines of the cross shafts to be not on the same plane, or the center lines of two adjacent shafts are not vertical. Because the universal joint cross shaft journal and bearing wear gap are too large, the cross shaft shakes during operation, which causes the centerline of the transmission shaft to deviate from its rotation center line, causing the transmission shaft to vibrate and make abnormal noises during operation. phenomenon. Wear is mainly caused by a lack of lubrication.

    In addition to failures, we know that universal joints, as a kind of bearings, must be maintained. Therefore, maintenance has become big trouble for universal joints. Now there is a kind of maintenance-free bearings , which reduces regular maintenance. This link saves a lot of trouble.